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At the present moment there is an opportunity to sell uniquely designed prints on canvas at the gallery. The idea was born when we noticed the polygraphic options of the gallery itself, as well as after getting quite a lot of orders for copies of the pictures that were already sold.
In many cases the creation of a copy of... an artwork is practically impossible (see, for example, the Abstractionist section). A lot of such artworks are in the status of «sold» or «not for sale». The new opportunity will help you to implement your intellectual right for your work. If in the process of selling work no special agreement about the transfer of intellectual rights to the customer has been signed, all intellectual rights, particularly «the right to sell the image» will still belong to the artist.
The opportunity to sell a print on canvas is also possible for artwork in the «for sale» status.
When uploading the image, the system can offer all available options of prints that can be printed for the uploading image. The artist sets the price for the image and the number of prints. For the artwork that has already been uploaded you can also use the option of selling a print on canvas. All you need to do is go to the section «Edit» located under each published artwork and find the phrase:
Would you like to sell  print on canvas for this work?

The natural diversity of manifestations of the personality of the artist Arcadia Morozov.

Art Mihatov E. C., 2015.

Arkady frost - graphic artist, painter, member of the Union of artists of Russia, member of International Federation of artists UNESCO, honored art worker of the Republic of Karelia, a Professor at the design faculty of the Petrozavodsk branch of the International Slavic Institute, Creator of the public Graphic workshop in Petrozavodsk, a regular participant and... curator of international, regional exhibitions and competitions.
Arkady Morozov artist-visionary, tireless researcher who looks at the world with eyes wide open. In early life the way fate had played a trick on him, when at the age of six he was blown up by anti-personnel mine, but the terrible consequences of this event do not become a death sentence for the wizard. Strong-willed character and a fantastic performance, a desire not just to be, and to be the true Creator, artist, expressing himself fully defined its place in the world. Realizing at an early age his desire to study art, Arkady frost walked confidently along the chosen path. In 1968 he joined the graphics Department of the Petrozavodsk Pedagogical College №2, then continued Agranat their talent in one of the best art institutions in the country - St. Petersburg Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named. Repin (Imperial Academy Of Arts). In 1982, the wizard returned to his native Petrozavodsk, where pretty soon established himself as an active, outstanding artist and pedagogue (among his many disciples, S. Chervinskaya, So Yufa, V. Gromov, N. Egorova, I. Fomin and others).
First of all, Arkady Morozov known to a wide circle as an unsurpassed master of easel graphics. The resistance of a material, physical effort and limitations of the technical possibilities of this art form makes it unavailable repulsive to many artists. Spectators, on the contrary, such work always attract, forced to stop and examine them in more detail. Graphic heritage Arcadia Morozova can be divided into three periods, each of which has its own Foundation, the pivot around which grow branches and crown.
The first step lies in the eighties (before 1989): in the works of this period it is worth noting the predominance of small parts, 'sash', multi-part compositions the predominance of dark colors, the presence of a pronounced storyline and narration. In the surviving prints made in the first years after graduation, with this technique ('Gorica' 1983), the influence of the Century Tabor and some stiffness.
Probably myself feeling the weakness of such work, Mr. Morozov permanently waives this material and continues to work exclusively in etching (classic etched and aquatint). In a large series 'Zaonezhye' (1982-1990), the artist develops the themes of life and life North of the village ('Slaughter' 1985, 'In the house' 1986, 'Creek' 1988), the nature of the Karelian region ('Landscape with fish' 1985, 'the House in the woods' 1986). Gradually, the wizard starts to pay more attention to the unstable transition States occurring in the soul of the individual (reflection),and in the outside world (e.g. the changing of the seasons). So towards the end of the 1980s year were created works absorbed the atmosphere of a dream, a moment of calm before a storm, the complex relationship of man and nature ('the Boy with the Apple' 1987, 'Landscape with mailbox' 1987, 'not Available eye' 1987).
The next pulse making radical changes in Arcadia Morozov appears at the turn of the 1980-90s. The prints of this period (the 1990s) there is a transition from the particular to the General, strengthening of the geometry and the role of line, texture and decisive step in the direction of his poetic reality. The themes are very broad, universal, allowing the wizard to identify the laws of life and try to determine man's place in the complex system of the universe ('concejero. Summer' 1990, 'May. Fowler' 1993). Starting from the exploration of the microcosm Century, Kandinsky and J. Miro ('Shape under the umbrella of' 1989, 'the rape of Europe' 1992), experiments of the Dadaists and Surrealists ('Bird' 1991, 'the Crucifixion' 1993), the true artist finds inspiration in rock art, ancient petroglyphs, runic inscriptions, and Oriental calligraphy('Marks 1988, 'cold water' 1991, 'Time zero' 1993).

The third period includes works created by Arkady Morozov in recent years (2014-2015) in the technique of engraving on cardboard with author revisions, and re-open linocuts. In these prints is worth noting the predominance of close-up, special scenic (thoughtful, often bold flavor combined with a pronounced texture), expressiveness and integrity first impression, focus on the rhythm of the lines and local color patches. The artist actively used outdoor color and tries to succinctly convey complex range of emotions. Here the most obvious two directions: a series of goals, where the master explores the possibilities of transmission of mood and condition of the specific individual ('Antoinette' 2014, 'the Little Prince' 2014), and man in General ('Mood' 2014, 'Male portrait' 2014, 'Face' 2014), and address the topic of original sin ('Eva-3' 2014, 'Adam and eve' 2015).
On the other hand the artistic life of Arcadia Morozov is painting and art objects, executed in the technique of assemblage. The artist is experimenting with material, size, content and creates works can reflect not only the life experiences of the individual, but also the spirit of the time. Despite the incredible variety of works, they still give some classification, which will help the viewer to understand the creative heritage of Arcadia Morozov and better understand his art.

One of the main directions in which it moves the master is an appeal to the sensual, emotional beginning, feelings and impressions from real life. The greatest attention the artist pays the relations of men and women ('Pygmalion' 1998, 'Easy gait of Judith' 1999, 'Two in the city' 2012), the theme of mother Genetrix ('to Catch Venus',' Motherhood' 1996) and the period of childhood, the most pure, honest view of the world ('the Rider' 2000, 'Hello adult Miro!' 2012, 'the Winner' 2012). This may also include experiments similar to pop art (series 'info-head' 2008-2012), in which the artist expresses the power of information flow and its impact on human life, as well as unconventional portraits of contemporaries and self-portraits (Portrait of Alexander Kashtanov's car' 1998, 'Male portrait' 2003).
The second way in which moves Arkady Morozov is rational, analytical beginning. It will be appropriate to mention the great interest of the artist to the philosophical doctrines of Kant, Berdyaev, Nietzsche, Foucault, psychology of Freud and Jung, which served as a starting point for reflection masters of time and space, the collective unconscious, the laws of the world, due to the natural beginning and technological innovation. Most fully this concept finds expression in the amazing, incredibly diverse and expressive abstract painting (series 'a Miser lights' 1998, 'untitled' 2008, 'Composition in red' 2010) and works with a predominance of metaphysics and surreal beginning (a series of 'Myths' 1996, the Witness' 2001,'Here and now' 2002).
The art of Arcadia Morozov's truly magnificent and in divers manners: in his work he reveals connections and relations, vibration and inner light of things and phenomena. In search of patterns and laws of the universe, the master often goes beyond the usual limits of human perception, i.e. portrays in his works, not prosaic reality, and explores perceives the world in its entirety, and then to share their findings with the audience.

 Painting is taking a more and more significant place in the life of the modern society. It is possible that it is by virtue of a higher level of urbanization when a person requires to have a spiritual image with positive energy. An artwork creatively impacts the spiritual and emotional state of a viewer. That is very relevant in our complicated time, as it is important to preserve a living flow of healthy mental attitude because there is a departure from the traditions and traditional moral standards.

The word «painting» itself comes from the notion of depicting something true to life. Graphical canvases show images of people and animals, city and countryside landscapes, historical events, mythological subjects, scenes from the modern life. An artist can simply depict a composition without a subject, an allegory or his own imagination. The pictures of different genres and styles are always much in demand in the interior. A picture can find a place for itself anywhere: in the sitting-room, in the dining-room, in the office, in the children's room, in the lobby. A picture will not only ornament the living quarters with its meaningfulness and decor, but it can also make public space or business environment more decorated. A picturesque painting will always be a concise and prestigious gift for any person of any age because anartwork gift is unforgettable memory about the person gifting it.

Social painting as a field of something spiritual is able to praise the Absolute in its creations. An artist sees and personifies what a regular person cannot see, making a viewer stop to see all this beauty opening in front of him. That is how the world view sharpens — the person starts seeing beauty around him, and the picture builds up the cultural space. The creation itself is born inside of an artist as an act of co-authorship. Painting the picture, the artist puts a part of himself into his creation. Not every master can easily say good-bye to his creation; he is worried about the fate of his favorite project. A painter constantly observes the nature retrieving new impulses from what he gathers. The world view of an artist dictates his personal painting manner and a way to select images. An artist thinks about the composition and the color scheme of a future picture, finalizing his decision in the future, making sketches, drawings and drafts. An image or an idea that is materialized on canvas prevails. It is possible to depict a moment or the state in the artwork that can never be repeated in life. An artist can repeat special favorite moments many times over.

When creating artworks, modern artists use different artistic materials: canvas, carton, paints, varnishes and choose them in accordance with their individual method and technique of working with paints to achieve the most picturesque effect, to preserve a multi-colored painting better. Each artwork brings its own mood, calms down or excites, attracting the eyes and directing them to move along the canvas. Creating a portrait, an artist analyzes and combines, and by doing that transforms nature expressing his understanding of the model and the attitude towards it. The complex composition story makes viewers think, and a simple story brings in enjoyment attracting with the beauty of painting, lively transmission of color and light natural features, the sonance of paints.

It is possible to buy art and surprise your family on a family celebration or for the New Year's. Psychologists note that the depicted landscape favorably impacts your children, especially if the composition is calm and is shown in soft tones. The pictures with animals and birds, illustrations for fairy tales will be always interesting for children. It is known to everyone that the culture around us forms us from the childhood. It is in our power to nurture taste in our children having surrounded them with high quality paintings. Before you buy paintings for a children's room, you need to think about what you want to achieve: a smile of a child who looks at a joyful animal, a thought of a teenager who looks into a multi-figure composition or whether you are setting your offspring for a certain career, putting a portrait of a musician, a military figure, a teacher, a sportsman, etc. If the child is a bit older and gives his own preferences, it would be worth it to buy artwork giving him several options to choose from.

Sometimes it happens that an oil painting can compensate for our nostalgia for nature and the warm summer that is gone, it transfers us to beautiful reality. Some people prefer to buy paintings and to decorate their walls with bright colorful spots of red poppies or white lilacs that immediately attract the attention of people who enter the room and create a feeling of a celebration. Others, to the contrary, think that an unassuming monochromatic painting built on close tones is more preferable in the interior. When some people decorate their residence, they choose posting favorite oil painting reproductions by famous artists. Good artwork copies of famous painters can be valuable and will decorate any space. Modern artists-copiers are usually highly valued. When guests come in, the owner gets a bit nervous showing his new acquisitions that his online gallery has added in by that day.

When you have money and time for it, it is possible to acquire paintings to order exclusively for you. A family portrait with a grandfather and a grandmother, children's portraits, couple's portraits of spouses or a whole portrait gallery. A landscape with the view of your cottage or your favorite places of rest: a blooming apple orchard or some lilacs next to your home. A stilllife of fruits that you grew yourself: a plate with apples or strawberries, even with apricots or pears. The animalistic genre will present your pets. There are a lot of connoisseurs of art now who want to buy abstract art because then they receive a unique image where every viewer can see something unique, and which in the majority of the cases cannot be reproduced making it especially valuable.

Choosing artwork for a public place, it is necessary to think about the correspondence to the type of activity and the interior decor. For example, the walls of a minimalistic modern office will look stylish with abstract compositions, and a meeting room of a large corporation will be improved with panoramic landscapes. When buying artwork for an office space, a reception hall, an office room one needs to ensure that this artwork does not have any ambiguous meaning and does not insult the feelings of your visitor, does not push away a possible client.

It is not always easy to choose a picture for a specific interior if you are doing this by yourself and you are not using the services of a specialist, but the main thing is for you to like it and bring in satisfaction. Even a perfectly suitable for the decor artwork can create discord with the mood of the owners. It is necessary not only to buy artwork but also to choose an appropriate spot for it. If it is necessary to find a place for this picture in the apartment space or house that has already been formed, the picture will give a hint itself where it would look better.

It is better to have the color scheme, the size of the canvas, the texture of the surface and the character of the decor of the artwork frame correspond to the walls and objects around. For example, when hanging a small picture over a big sofa you will optically make the sofa bigger. And hanging a large artwork in a big frame over a small table, the table will seem even smaller, and the picture will be more monumental. Everything depends on the wishes and tastes of the owners. The frame is an important element, it gives artwork completeness, it limits the illusory space of the artwork from the real. A small artwork can have a wide massive frame, and, to the contrary, a large artwork can have a modest frame. Some artworks are already sold with frames.

The light plays a great role in the perception of an artwork in the interior as morning and evening sun rays will play on the painting's surface. It is not advisable to place dark artwork in badly lit places, it will not look good there. And, to the contrary, light palette in a brightly lit room will lose its colors. When putting artwork under glass you should ensure that it does not glare under artificial lighting.

We should talk about painting preservation as well.Paintings for sale that are presented by the majority of painters are done in oil on canvas. Oil painting as a living organism requires close attention and careful treatment from the owner. Even more fragile water-color painting has to be put under glass. Artwork cannot be hanging under direct sunlight, over heating devices, in humid space or in draughty space. During the season of heating, the air inside needs to be humidified but not with hot steam. Dust from the surface of artworks and frames can be eliminated by using wide soft brushes. It is clear that the ideal conditions of the temperature moisture setting are maintained only in museums, but still, we should not forget about painting preservation. If an artwork is damaged, it is advisable to consult a professional art conservator. When one has valuable artwork or collections of objects, one needs to keep a description, sizes, technique and a photograph of the artwork in case it is stolen.

In the more or less recent past, not a lot of people had oil painting in their interior. A question would come up:where to buy paintings online, where to find an artist. The modern state has changed, now due to the means of communication, it is possible to buy art online after looking and choosing a picture you like on a website. There is a unique opportunity – to look through hundreds of pictures without having to leave the house. There is no need to spend the time to buy an artwork in a store or on a vernissage.

On our website there are also artworks of artists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Serbia, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Chile, the USA and other countries. Every day the number of art projects significantly grows expanding the opportunities for making choices. Our website is multi-lingual due to which the language barrier of communication has been overcome. The website can be viewed in five languages: Russian, English, French, German and Spanish.

In our gallery an artist lives a full life: he places new projects, publishes news about his exhibitions, articles and personal messages, socializes similarly to social networks, evaluates works of other artists and advances in his rating this way. There are biographies of artists placed on the website where you can learn about where the artist you are interested in studied, what exhibitions he participated in, etc. Knowing the name of the artist, the artwork you like, you can find more information about the artist than is shown on the website. Having the information about new artists, you will be able to buy their pictures for a more affordable price.


The art gallery that we have offered on our website allows to satisfy both an experienced connoisseur and a beginner. You can choose artwork by genre, style, color or form, we have pictures for any request. In order to make it more convenient for customers, we have created a virtual room where you can see the chosen artwork in the interior, look at it in fragments if the artist gives you that opportunity. You can choose the type and the color of the frame, you can increase or decrease the size of the picture, look at it in different interiors or load your own picture. There is a search by an author or a keyword that artists provide under the name of the artwork. It is possible to choose pictures by size and by price, which is extremely convenient. The range of prices for artworks in our gallery is very wide, it is possible to buy paintings cheap using the search option. Each artist states the full information about the picture: the technique, the material, the width and the height in centimeters, the year of creation, the subject (keywords), the price. The information about the genre and the style is found in the comments section.

When choosing a picture, pay attention to the rating of the artist. The rating contains a lot of variables in it:

- the number of visits of the artist's personal page from search engines,

- the degree of activity of the artist on the website,

- the variety of themes where the artist is represented in,

- the number of the artist's successful sales,

- the number of comments, the evaluation of viewers and other factors.

But it will not always be correct to buy a picture of an artist with the high rating. The rating is not the only indicator of the quality of artwork. The main thing is to ensure that the artist managed to create a full artistic image. Sometimes it is worth it to invest in a young undervalued author who has a perspective to be famous in the future. The gallery of artworks of a young artist that was purchased can become a worthy investment of funds and inheritance for your children. It is not worth it to only follow the fashion; the works of a popular today expensive master will not necessarily increase in price with time. Only after a long time people remember great masters though there are always enough everyday artists.

Most of the time an Internet gallery offers to buy canvas paintings, and offers of paintings on primed carton and fiberboard are less common. The website offers not onlyoil paintings but also works of graphic artists on paper. Masters offer to buy embroider artwork or to buy iconthat are special types of paintings. Icons are painted on wood boards with tempera or acrylic paints, and there are also carved images available. Mosaic panel pictures and hand-made tapestries are also interesting, and they stand out by the variety of composition types and styles.

Our ArtistsArea gallery works as a portal of artists, and artists are the ones who keep all of the pictures. That gives an opportunity to order art cheap without an overpayment, from the author himself. At the same time it is possible not to rush with purchases, to choose, to look closer, to look through a lot of the suitable options. If the picture that one liked had already been sold, a customer can buy painting copy that the majority of the authors except, maybe, abstractionist painters, are able to reproduce. It is also possible to buy reproduction painting of an artist that was painted by a different artist. There is a possibility to buy canvas print of the chosen work if an artist provided such an opportunity. That is the simplest and, probably, the most accessible option of purchasing the most favorite work. If desired, it is possible to request paintings to order from a favorite author in person or from your picture. You can directly contact the master and discuss all the details. It is necessary to take into account then where the artist is territorially located. But that is not mandatory at all, you will receive a well packaged picture in a parcel at any place, at any corner of the world.

If you need a painting gift, that means that you need to purchase a high quality interesting artwork within a limited amount of time. You can look for this artwork based on the city where the artist lives. It is easy to buy paintings in the US, Great Britain,  France and in other countries because there are a lot of types of deliveries, mail courriers some of which offer package delivery overnight. If the artist you are interested in is in your country or, better yet, in your city, the procedure of purchasing an artwork will not be long or complicated.

The art market of modern art is sold through galleries, salons, auctions and stores that either document a transaction or do it unofficially, privately, without registration. In order to transport a picture through the border it is necessary to have a document that would state that the artwork does not have any cultural value. That happens and it especially bothers young artists and those who have come across that. People should not take offence, this only means that the age of the picture is no more than fifty years old and the way to cross the borderline is simplified for it.

Though the process when we buy paintings online is convenient in many ways, there is still one disadvantage that we need to mention. You will only be able to see the picture itself after you have bought it. The original will be a little different from the photograph on the monitor just as a living human would be different from his photo, and the colors can be a little distorted. Despite this, more and more people prefer to purchase items in Internet stores. Using the ArtistsArea gallery in order to purchase a painting you receive the following advantages:

​ the accessibility of a large choice of artwork that is intelligently chosen by genres and styles

​ the funds' economy: purchasing and buying are done without intermediaries

​ the openness to the foreign market of consumers due to the translation to several languages

​ an ability to document the purchasing transaction without the need to leave the house at any time

​ saving the time that is so valuable now

​ the probability of seeing the picture in the interior of your room

​ a high level of professionalism of the website staff.

Though the ArtistsArea gallery is young, and we have young staff, we tried to put together all the advantages of top art galleries. We always have connoisseurs of art and experts present on our website who professionally evaluate artwork, which should also be noted when wishing to buy art online in our gallery. Especially active connoisseurs of art with time become website moderators. Creating the most convenient interface of our website we are constantly improving our gallery, taking into account the wishes and requests of users that we regularly receive. We are always happy to respond to a request you are interested in, and we hope that we will satisfy both connoisseurs or art and art lovers.