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The invisible world is a pretext to see the true visible world

Approaches that I see in the work Johana Uvence, tells me, landscapes, invisible, which I notice in these periods search and approaches to reality imaginary, I see the series, which means suffering and emotions empirical who are in an unexpected moment of my life; of abstraction that represents this trick in order to Express gestualidad, time ímpeto and ready to have a dialogue between the quaint lines, which fluctuate with his own image and his abstract composition, the artist does not set any specific reference to reality, but is that really lies in its reality. That is, shapes, lines, colors, textures, all of these elements are in reality, but with the particular things as gardens that she says to say. From here we can conclude that the link to imitate or to Express, can be copied, or fantasize nature, but in your case, the artist is not interested in realism. However, this explanation is not sufficient, there must be something more, as abstractions that his case to the forecasts, otherwise, everyone can paint works are abstract, but art became a matter of aesthetic and experimental Johana is with this series, entitled “Amnesia”... since this name we reaffirmed that abstract, that may be his same works. When I see the work place, I dial the memories that says Lawrence stern with thoughts that they were intended for another person, and metaphor, that he speaks of his passion that he did not know how to say a few words, reminds me of a life full silence, and forces me to ask what was happening, in the opinion of the artist? "All art is from nature that can pull him out of it, and only he has', Durer, these spirits elevated, these artists true are those that make a step beyond nature, who extort art of natural forms. We communicate this expression, draw abstraction biomorfica is the language unique need, but also from fear to try to bring his works to the language of today, in their desire to be at the forefront of countries that mark in the history of modern art, today, and now that invites us to look at their work, garden water, square, blue, turquoise, vinick (male), unpredictable, to name a few of the names and works. Begin this dialogue is part of a work and the viewer (I'm trying to take contraerme) I agree also that the purpose of the artist-not to portray the nature but to fulfill his inner world, but it can be also may be a need to formalize the inside through nature, Kandinsky said that not all, abstract art is good, because not all of fine art, if it is not born “domestic needs”. Johana Uvence you can look outside, and at the same time inside of things that allows us to send all our senses, what will give us reactions to like or dislike anything of his works, but knowing what he thinks, and his ideas, perhaps we will begin to look, to see how these parts are different eyes, on the other-the excitement, with different sensitivity. Alexander Tello
Added: 26.04.2014
Author: Uvence Johana