About us

The purpose of the Artistsarea Gallery is to draw attention of foreign buyers to talented world painters.  There are many artists from the Eastern Europe representing our gallery, this is because we had a start up in Russia and Czech Republic, however we are very interested in talanted artists from the rest of the world.

We tend to efface the borders between professional artists and art connoisseurs, to facilitate their communication, to remove language barriers and thus give a chance to demonstrate their talent in the most favorable light. 
Our gallery is an open space for self-expression and creation of talented people from the entire world.

Our advantages:

​ Artistsarea Gallery assembles works of different genres and styles of art; we are open to virtually all areas of artwork.

​ Our webmasters have developed an easy gallery interface allowing easy navigation through painter’s exhibitions and a rapid search of the work you are interested in.

​ The Gallery disposes of the artist’s rating system that reflects the popularity of the artists according to visitors’ opinion.

​ We are constantly renewing our service to make our Internet space as close to the real one as possible. Here you may find out more about painter’s biography and main steps in his/her artistic career development, participate in his/her art works evaluation, contemplate works in a virtual room and buy the work that you liked.

​ Our Gallery is multilingual, and our participants are open to the entire world. All the information published by an artist is translated into the most common languages.