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personal anniversary exhibition Svetlana Kochevoi "collected works"

In Novorossiysk opened jubilee exhibition Svetlana Kochevoi "collected works" January 15, in the exhibition hall of the Novorossiysk branch vtoo "Union of artists of Russia" opened a personal exhibition "works" painter, member of the NGO vtoo "Union of artists of Russia, member of the Creative Union of artists of Russia, Svetlana Kochevoi. Svetlana often pleases personal projects Novorossiysk viewers as well as connoisseurs of art in other cities of Russia. So in recent years she has presented her work in the exhibition halls of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Anapa, Sochi, Pyatigorsk, Rostov-on-don, the terrible. For Svetlana exhibition "works" - a landmark anniversary. The collection presented to the audience, includes more than 60 works: easel paintings, and sketches. The exhibition includes works that not only reflect the creativity Svetlana today, but also those works that have become vekovymi at some stage. The storyline of the exhibition will tell the audience about a wide geography plein air trips of the artist. Warm memories of Montenegro Svetlana shares in the film "the Blessing the old Kotor". It is in these amazing places she visited with a sketchbook three times in the spring, summer and autumn. Unforgettable was her journey to South Korea, where she brought the sketches, written on the streets, Ulsan. In 2013-2014 Svetlana Kukuev became a member of the plein air painters of the Eastern countries, which took place in the South of China. This international project has inspired the author to create a series of landscape works, and Novorossiysk spectator has the opportunity to "travel" to the Chinese Li river and in the mountains of the rice terraces. The exhibition also includes works devoted to Italy. After visiting about 20 Italian cities, Svetlana was often refer to topics solar Riviere and European architecture. For the past 14 years, she Kukuev is a participant in the annual plein air trips organized by the Association of artists of Russia "Wheel", which take place in the mountains of Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkar republics. Of these trips, Svetlana brings the most valuable thing for an artist - sketches. Crisp and bright first impression from what he saw in nature, lays down on the canvas and becomes for the artist, an important lesson - that makes to move forward. Abkhazia, Crimea, Novorossiysk motives... As many themes, landscape themes and each author saw his distinctive and unique portrait of this place. Svetlana has long established itself as a sensual and lyrical master floral still life. Haughtiness roses, extravagance lilies, soft peony, touching wild flowers - all this can be read in a picturesque reception of the author. Praising the exquisite nature of the flower, she adds bouquet forms in the most unexpected and bold composition. At the forthcoming exhibition pleasant surprise for the audience can be a work from the series "Children's tales", which the artist was inspired by the birth of a granddaughter Anfisa. A separate line can be noted paintings on Moscow and the Russian Church architecture from Moscow. Chistoprudny Boulevard, Moscow. Street Marshal Sokolovsky", "Khotkovo. The end of November," which certainly will not leave the viewer indifferent. Svetlana Kukuev is a constant participant of regional and all-Russian exhibitions. Such a creative and active exhibition activities could not remain unnoticed. In 2014, she won the Gold the medals of the Creative Union of artists of Russia "For contribution to the development of the national culture". Exhibition in the Exhibition hall of the Novorossiysk city organization of vtoo "Union of Russian artists"
Added: 14.02.2015
Author: svetlana kukueva