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'My artistic feeling'

My artistic feeling is a steady stream of intuitive thinking, a 'continuous sound message that comes from my heart and turns into colour. 'My thoughts on the canvas', that's the way I like to call my works,since they are endless posts of cosmic connection to me, sometimes decipherable in frequencies that I represent as horizontal coloured bands, sometimes interrupted, sometimes continuous colour sequences intended as musical scores. In the act of creating I can feel my heart to the full: the gift of 'Joy', which seems to widen the diaphragm so as to make me feel a little spark of light in a world of lights ready to brighten up the infinite. Every day I am grateful for such a feeling, a kind of awakening of the senses that allows me, by means of a greater creativity, to tap into the frequencies of the sublime 'Universal Love”. Mankind is going through such a controversial time of transition, since we are moving from a world many to an infinitely more spiritual one. When the observer looks at my work, he can be captured by colours, or simply distressed by the forms, but someone else may get such universal messages of the new Era. So often I hear about negative reviews on abstract art as for figuration,and the most frequent opinion is: “I am not keen on it”. To me abstract art is the most effective tool to read deep in the soul of a human being, and when talking about a human being I obviously do not refer to the painter himself , but to the viewer who stands before work and peers. Abstract art means that to me, since it is the real mirror of the soul, making the viewer look inside his soul and later tell us about himself through his personal view on the work. Feofeo
Added: 03.08.2016
Author: - Feofeo