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August 20 - 22 September 2013 Exhibition of works of the members of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of arts

The State Museum of contemporary art of Russian Academy of fine arts, Gogol Boulevard, an exhibition of works of the leading masters of Russian fine art, the members of the Presidium of the Academy. Presents more than two hundred works of painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative arts, architecture, made in the tradition of the classical school and modern trends. The exhibition showcases works of Z.K. Tsereteli, Т.Т. Salakhova, BA Messerer, CHERKASHIN Zhylinski, O.M. savostyuka, K.V. Khudyakov, E.N. Maksimova, N.A. Mukhina, V.I. Nesterenko, V.A. Glukhov, A. A. Любавина, V.V. Kalinin, A.D. Shmarinov, L.V. Shepeleva and other Vernissage will take place on 7 September.
Added: 12.09.2013
Author: Artistsarea