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22 August - September 22, 2013 100 Etchings Vladimir Nilov

In Titian hall of the Scientific - research Museum of the Russian Academy of arts of St. Petersburg opened an exhibition of works of one of the leading Russian charts, Vladimir N. Nilov. The wizard works in the traditional manner of classical etching. Creating a multifaceted fascinating image, with a finely developed texture artist conveys the beauty of Russian landscapes. Presents about a hundred etchings Century Nilov, created in different periods from 1980 to nowadays. Just honored artist of Russia Vladimir Nilov has created about 250 etchings. The author recalls: «Put I began 1980, although he graduated from the Stroganov art school only two years later. Of course, work on the etchings difficult. First, the need physical strength, secondly etchings processed strong acids, not all and kept». After the exhibition, its selling collectors.
Added: 12.09.2013
Author: Artistsarea