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TOP 20 most visited museums in the world in 2012

The publication of The Art Newspaper published an annual report on the most visited museums of the world over the past year 2012. An interesting fact is that the Louvre was able to increase the number of visitors to 1 million, compared with the previous year and firmly takes the first place among the most visited museums in the world, leaving far behind all its competitors. The list is dominated by European museums (50% of 100%, 20% are in the museums of North America and Asia, 8% in the list belongs to Australia, despite the relatively small number of residents in this country. Russian Hermitage occupies in this ranking 13th place with the attendance of nearly 3 million people per year. So, the top-20 of the best museums in the world: The Louvre (Paris), the Best in Europe The Metropolitan Museum (new York), Best in North America The British Museum (London) Tate Modern (London) National gallery (London) The Vatican Museum (The Vatican) The national Palace Museum (Taipei), Best in Asia National arts gallery (DC) Centre Pompidou (Paris) Museum D'orsay (Paris) Victoria and albert Museum (London) The national Museum of Korea (Seoul) The State Hermitage (Saint-Petersburg) Museum of modern art (new York) The national folk Museum of Korea (Seoul) Reina Sofia (Madrid) Cultural center of the Bank of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), the Best in South America National portrait gallery (London) Shanghai Museum (Shanghai) The national Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh) Interestingly, we will show 2013?
Added: 12.09.2013
Author: Artistsarea