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Salvador Dali: the 10 commandments for artists

As is known, Salvador Dali is one of the most odious and eccentric figures of the XX century. It arouses contemporaries explosions delight, and together with the indignation of his loved and hated at the same time. However, all this would be impossible without a huge amount of effort and persistence of the artist. As a result, the master has left more than 600 paintings, which are presented in the best museums of the world. In his book «Fifty magical mysteries», leads Gave the Ten commandments to be followed by the one who is going to become an artist»: 1. The artist, it is better to be rich than to the poor; learn to work with a brush so that it born with gold and precious stones. 2. No fear of perfection-you'll never achieve it! 3. First thing to learn to write and draw, as the old masters. Then you can write what you want, everyone will respect you. 4. Do not lose an eye, a hand, nor the head, if you become an artist, they will be useful for you. 5. If you are one of those who believe that contemporary art has surpassed art Вермере and Raphael, at this book and remain in blissful idiocy. 6. Don't be sloppy in painting, otherwise after your death painting itself transgresses you. 7. Loren masterpieces no! 8. Artist, draw! 9. Artist do not drink alcohol your life, do not smoke hashish more than five times. 10. If painting is not in love with you, all your love it will be futile.
Added: 20.09.2013
Author: Artistsarea